Every Exit is an Entry Somewhere- The truth about prostate massage

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 Best Prostate Massagers

 Prostate Massage

In the world of pleasure-centered sex-ed, the prostate is getting all sorts of attention. Although I’m pretty sure that most people hear the word prostate and think cancer, there are those in the know who also think pleasure.

Note- I am not in any way equating cancer with pleasure. One in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime. Regular prostate exams are imperative.

It’s time to better understand the prostate and how important it is to sex, reproduction and healthy living.

The prostate is a walnut (maybe plum) size gland that’s responsible for some of the fluid in semen. It is also the gland that pushes the semen through the urethra during orgasm. Men without a prostate will not ejaculate during orgasm. It is right below the bladder and, you know that spasm that happens right before ejaculation, that’s the prostate hard at work.

Also known as the male g-spot (p-spot), massaging the prostate just may drive him wild! Access to the prostate is both external, think perineum, or internal through the butt. And, let’s just get this out of the way;

  1. Liking something in his butt does not mean somebody is gay. Inquisitive maybe, but not gay.
  2. If he wants to put something in your butt, you can be sure that he wants to try something in his butt. It may take a while to admit this because of #1.

Right now you may be thinking, ”that’s great but I’m not putting MY finger in there!” No problem, you don’t have to. You know that little piece of skin between the balls and the butt referred to as the “taint” but really called the perineum? Well, the taint sits right over the prostate. So,take 2 fingers and press on either side of that vein running through the taint and you are massaging the prostate. Practice a little bit to see what motion is most enjoyable. This can be done during massage, foreplay, sex… We are not accustomed to finding sexual pleasure with something on the inside of a man’s body since men’s parts are always out and about. Take the challenge and explore.

If you are ready to explore internal prostate massage, you can use your fingers (finger condoms or medical gloves help both of you) or a toy that’s designed for just that purpose. The Aneros Helix Syn, Nexus Revo, NJoy Fun Plug, Lelo Bruno or Hugo are all good choices. These toys are all high-quality silicone or surgical steel. Their curved shape helps you guide the toy directly to the right spot and they all have an external perineum massager as well. Some of them have vibration and some don’t. You decide. Essentially these toys are designed to hug the prostate from inside and out. Remember, there are a few important things to think about when playing with rear entry.

  1. Use lots of lube.
  2. Go slow. When relaxed the toy will glide inside. If it doesn’t just put a little pressure on the outer anal ring and wait until it relaxes.
  3. Anything that goes in anally must have a flared base.
  4. Use lots of lube!!! (Did I mention that again…)

Once you have the toy gliding inside, just put a little pressure on the prostate and then pull the toy back a little bit. Repeat this action several times and then try rocking the toy back and forth. See what feels good. If using your fingers, the motion is much the same. Insert slowly, search for the prostate and apply pressure for 5-10 seconds. Release pressure and then repeat a few times.

Regular prostate massage supports healthy prostate functioning and heightens sexual experience. It does not replace medical prostate exams but it does give you something new to explore in the bedroom. Explore, enjoy and if you feel like giggling, well go ahead and giggle together.




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