Got My First Chakrubs

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If you haven't heard from me in a few days it's because I got my first Chakrub yoni egg last week. I've sort of been in hiding ever since. Ok, here's the truth, I actually got 3 eggs. I know it sounds a bit excessive but I wanted to see which of the crystals resonated with me. Research is important. The result is that each egg drew out a different emotional response. 

Let me explain by beginning with a little bit about the Chakrubs company. Vanessa Cuccia created Chakrubs because she could not find a sex toy that appealed to her senses.The molecular structures of crystals are so perfect that they vibrate at, and emit, very strong, very harmonious, very healthy frequencies. Combining those frequencies with a person's own sexual energy might not only increase pleasure, but might also help facilitate personal awareness and growth. So, they aren't just toys, they help you to heal emotionally and learn about your own sexuality. Each Chakrub is hand-made from pure crystal too.

That's why I had to try 3. In addition to the healing crystal properties, boy do these feel good. The smooth crystal and the egg shape fit the natural shape of the vagina and assist in pelvic floor exercises. They come with a twine to put through the holes if you order a drilled egg. You can also use dental floss. This helps get the egg out of your vagina. If you get an egg that isn't drilled, don't worry it will fall out.

Wanting to do this right, I really got into it. I meditated before using each one and did this thing where I held each one to my heart and tried to feel which egg's vibration (not really vibration) was resonating with me the most. Jade, quartz and amethyst all called to me on different days. Both relaxing and energizing, each time I used an egg, I tried to pay attention to my relationship with the crystal. I paid more attention to my body and my mind. Focusing on breathing and exercising is a lot. The first 3 steps, which may take a few weeks to accomplish, to using the eggs are:

  • Try to keep the egg inside of your vagina. It has some weight to it so, if that doesn't work, just lay down and squeeze your kegels to get accustomed to the egg inside of you.
  • Do a few sets of squats with the egg inside of you.
  • Lay down, knees bent. Try to move the egg in and out with control.

All in all, I can't say which I liked best but I can say that these yoni eggs are something special. They don't just help you to engage all 3 pelvic floor muscle groups when you to do kegels, they help you to slow down, honor your body and search inside yourself for whatever emotions you need to release or heighten. Pretty amazing when I was just doing my kegels. I can't wait to try the wands. Just thinking about them makes me want to go hide out out for a few more days.


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