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Three months ago, after reading The Power of Pleasure by Debra Joy, I decided to close our beautiful boutique. It was time to refocus and regenerate the joy I receive from helping other women to create a space for more pleasure in their lives.

Here's the fundamental question Debra Joy asks: What if you had deep joy inside you whether life was going your way or not? Wow! What if....

Thank you all for for sticking with me these past 3 months while I have rebuilt our website (still a work in progress), built a new website,, and attempted to organize a home office while keeping up with emails, social media, bills and the rest. It is an ongoing journey.

I have had the pleasure of forging new partnerships with doctors and therapists. I have led several amazing workshops, coached my clients in my sexual happiness coaching practice and worked with brides to make sure they felt their absolute best underneath their wedding dress. It's all coming together.

So many things bring us pleasure; a walk, time with true friends, family, our favorite food, our pets...but you know my focus. I know that you deserve sensual pleasure and I know that you are capable of great pleasure so I will keep sharing resources, quotes, ideas and products with you as we move from pleasure to pleasure in our lives.

Be safe and have great sex.


Happy Thanksgiving.


Bringing me pleasure:

Pulse Lube Warmer. Winter is such a challenge for me. Anything that says warm becomes my best friend.

I just love Tyes by Tara. Try out something new without breaking the bank or getting too serious.

Soft, bendable silicone is definitely the way of the future.

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