Is Baseball Sexy?

Posted by Cheryl Sloane on

Yes! Hear me out. I know it’s not the best sport to watch on television but a day at Wrigley Field will invigorate your oxytocin, your love hormone, and may be just the summer foreplay that turns on your sexy.

Spring training is over and the 2019 baseball season has officially opened. Confession- I am a baseball fan…a Cubs fan. Every April I get a jolt of baseball energy. It feels like a little extra air in my lungs. A little more jump in my step. The assurance that it will once again be Spring in Chicago. Even though it’s still cold, green begins to appear with the beginning of baseball season. Yes, I’ve been to Wrigley in April with snow on the ground…May too…but you just know it’s coming.

The first day I hold my tickets tight in my hand as I arrive. I walk up to the park, take a pic of the Opening Day sign, maybe circle the block to make sure everything is still in place. Harry, Ernie, Brick, the flags with the great’s numbers, Billy, Fergie, Rhyno, Hawk, Gracie, Hack, Sammy and the Pizza Man, Ron Santo. With all of the updates, it’s still our Wrigley Field. A familiar summer home for so many Chicagoans. Then I enter the friendly confines and walk up the steps to the seating area. Boom, it hits me every time, the field! It’s still there. The ivy’s still brown, waiting for Chicago’s weather to cooperate, but the grass is green, the bricks are red, I’m breathless and all is well in that little moment in time.

Talk about getting your endorphins going! This feeling spreads euphoria through my body, base to crown. Nobody, not even the drunk out of towners spilling beer over the upper deck railing, can bring me down. I’m at my happy place. Win or lose, snow, rain or sunshine, I know I will have this same feeling next year on opening day.

An, all American, baseball orgasm. It’s the sort of pleasure we search out. Climbing a mountain peak, tasting delicious food, swimming in an ocean, catching that perfect wave, great sex, you know the feeling I’m talking about. The one that sends waves of pleasure through your body. We crave this feeling. It keeps us vital, happy and able to face whatever life brings us. Let’s commit to this feeling and work towards more. Do something everyday that brings you pleasure. Don’t deprive yourself. Engage with your deepest desires. Maybe a new toy and some time for yourself, trying something different with your partner, a walk in the park? For me, I’ll do all of those things and then I’ll meet you at Wrigley Field. Happy Spring and GO CUBBIES!




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