NobEssence Sculptured Hardwood- Worth the Wait

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Finally! After wanting one for so long, I am now the proud owner of a NobEssence Sculptured Hardwood Dildo. What a great choice. I can’t believe I waited so long to discover the ergonomic design and impeccable quality of NobEssence. Put me on the list with so many other reviewers who count the Seduction Hardwood Dildo in their top 5.

Let me shout out to NobEssence and tell you that if you are going to try wood, go for the best. What makes NobEssence a stand out for quality is:

  • They use renewable hardwoods.
  • Their bio-compatible Lubrosity finish ensures safety. Spend your time stimulating not sterilizing. No waxes, oils or toxic petroleum distillates.

These toys are shiny and smooth and stay that way for years with nothing but soap and water. Also, you can use water or silicone-based lubricants but, word to the wise,their slippery surface needs just a little bit of help so go slow with the lube.

The people at NobEssence have really done their homework. What a great job! The shapes are designed with so much thought and crafted with such integrity. I decided to begin with the Seduction but plan on exploring the rest ASAP.

 NobEssence Seduction Sculptured Hardwood Dildo

The Seduction, like most of the NobEssence designs, has two pleasurable ends. The smaller end is designed for direct g-spot or p-spot stimulation. I love my metal toys but I know there are some of you who don’t like the weight of surgical steel. Sculptured hardwood is for you. Light and easy to handle. The smaller side, when inserted, glides right to your g-spot and easily strokes back to front or right to left. The wide handle serves you well in this position.

Side two is more bulbous and designed to give you that fullness feeling while still maintaining pressure on your g-spot. You don’t need to manipulate it as much which may call for a little clit stim from your favorite bullet vibe. In any case, you get to have both sensations with one toy. Side two may seem a little large at first but work your way up to it. I can't say enough about this shape. It feels amazing inside. I thought I would never use it but now, I think I will...quite often in fact.

When not using my NobEssence sculpture, I love looking at its wood grain and touching its smooth surface. Set it on a shelf and it becomes an art piece. Take it to the bedroom and the pleasure is all yours.

I can't wait for my next NobEssence. I'm thinking Mesmerize or Allure with those bumps for some extra stimulation.

All for now.



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