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It's Summer. Slow Down and Enjoy the Moments

I did something this week that I haven't done in a long time. I babysat! Yes, really babysat. I was paid to play with a 1 year old. No cell phones, no tv, just sit on the floor and play and tend to his needs. Now you may have a 1 year old and do this daily but I bet you don't turn your cell phone off for 6 hours when you're with your own child.
It was wonderful!
After my babysitting experience, I was beaming with delight. See, my oxytocin was at its peak. Now, sitting here writing this email, I just can't stop thinking about these few things that cement our relationships by building trust.

  • Eye Contact
  • Serving another
  • Breathing
  • Undivided attention

If we look into our hearts to honor each relationship we have and give our partners the time and attention they deserve, what different lives we might lead. I took the challenge to treat each person in my life like one of those babies I cared for.

  • To actively listen
  • To look into their eyes whenever I speak to them
  • To play…really play
  • To give my attention to beating hearts instead of batteried electronics. In fact we actually turn them off at night.

It’s working.

Not easily, in fact my enforcer role has geared up to overdrive. We still have a million things to do and places to go, but we have put our lives on slow. We stop, look & listen. (Just like learning to cross the street)

The results are rolling in around here. Our oxytocin is rising! Longer dinners…more massages….more laughter…

What are you able to change in your life?

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