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Posted by Cheryl Sloane on

Thanks so much for completing our survey. Based on what you told us, our next class will be called Desire: understand it, find it, keep it.

We are having a great time designing this new class for you and can't wait to reveal the finished product. Meanwhile, we are hyper-testing our own contexts for desire and coming up with new ways for you to identify and share yours. Think about the level of enjoyment you could reach if you were able to communicate exactly what got you going and then your partner could turn into your best lover ever.

Close your eyes and think about the best sexual experience you ever had (hopefully it was last night or this morning). Now you may not be able to duplicate that experience every time you have sex but just imagine if you could end up with the same feeling of being loved and cared for and honored, like the goddess you are. A quickie, hotel sex, rough and wild or slow and really doesn't matter as long as you feel good after it's over and you want more.

Look for Desire: understand it, find it, keep it, in the next couple of weeks.

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