This Squirting Thing

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What’s With This Squirting Thing?

This has become the most FAQ at parties, workshops and events. For years the big FAQ was about the g-spot. I know that there are many women out there who haven’t experienced a g-spot orgasm but it seems like we can all (pretty much all) agree that there is in fact a g-spot, so now the questions have turned to squirting. Different yet very much related.

Once it hits the internet, it seems like we all have to do it. I have a few things to say about this, beginning with: WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT AND NORMAL. Working in the pleasure field has taught me a lot of things about people but the most important message I can pass along to you is that pleasure is a personal journey. It is about self-discovery and then discovering a partner’s pleasure. It is different for everyone and should never have any expectations except pleasure and connection. So, that being said, if squirting is your goal, that’s fine but don’t confuse it with pleasure. You can practice and practice squirting and it may or may not bring you pleasure.

So what is this squirting thing?

Well, when your g-spot is stimulated there are urethral glands that send out some fluid. The fluid is a mix of body fluids, mostly water, maybe a tiny bit of pee (there also may be a tiny bit of pee in men’s ejaculatory fluid) and magical body fluids. Sometimes the fluid just feels like natural lubrication and sometimes, wowza…the fluid is like a waterfall coming out of your vagina.  Usually women who experience a high level of fluid, experience it over and over. Note**you are not peeing the bed! We all have a mix of natural fluids that build up in our systems.

Again, some women squirt and some don’t. Squirting does not provide more pleasure or deeper orgasms for everyone, it’s just a result of the stimulation of the urethra or g-spot. However, some women say that it is an awesome feeling. So, if you haven’t tried g-spot stimulation isolated from clitoral stimulation, well, you may be a squirter and not even know it.


  • Not every woman squirts
  • The magic fluid that gushes out when some women squirt is just a mix of body fluids
  • Squirting doesn’t necessarily mean more pleasure but it may
  • Squirting primarily comes from g-spot stimulation
  • You are unique and beautiful and entitled to pleasure squirt or no-squirt.

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  • I didn’t experience squirting until my mid-fifties!!! And I had had a very full and satisfying sex life pre-squirting. It just goes to show ya, you never know what new adventures may be in store for you!

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