• $40.00

ANDREW BLAKE and breathtaking star DAHLIA GREY take the "Art of Arousal" to the next level in their latest film PIN-UPS. Dahlia's unique beauty and feline form is the centerpiece for ultra erotic "leg fetish" fantasies and retro fashion styling; provocative, "up-the-skirt" and "slave/mistress" themes, breast bondage, masturbation, stylized bondage and a collection of the world's most beautiful legs!

PIN-UPS showcases a group of sexual exhibitionists from around the world including first time model Petra, Europeans Katja Kean and Lea Martini (appearing in girl/boy performances). Also featured are Regina Hall and Avalon. Masters at the art of tease, each woman knows how to expose herself in the most explicit attitudes and visually stimulating positions. This lushly realized film is Andrew Blake and Dahlia Grey's interpretation of contemporary "fetish beauty" PIN-UPS.

Directed by Andrew Blake

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