G Boutique Private Parties & Sex Ed

                                Add Some SEXY to your Party!                              


Have your own g boutique party in your home, at a hotel, restaurant, bar or the location of your choice.  Drink, eat, and talk about sex. Sound like a great way to celebrate with your girlfriends? IT IS! Birthdays, Bachelorette Parties or Ladies Night Out, let us help you plan a memorable evening.

Here’s the deal…You invite the guests, bring the food and drinks; we do the rest.

  • One of our certified instructors will arrive and wow your guests with so much information along with our secret tips and tricks.
  • You'll learn about the Hummer, the Gummer, the Juicer, the Twister and so much more.
  • We'll bring toys, lube, condoms and all of the supplies necessary for an evening of sexy fun and giggles galore.
  • Choose your party
    • BJU- Brush up your BJ style and learn something new
    • Burlesque Dancing- Get your routine down 
    • Tease & Please- Burlesque and BJ- Get it...Tease & Please?
    • Sexy and Staying that Way- Great sex over 40, 50 ,60...
    • Intro to Kink for the "Vanilla with Sprinkles" Crowd- Ready to try something new?
  • Please call us at 773.454.5188 our email info@boutiqueg.com regarding pricing for our parties.


For more information and to reserve a date, call us at 773.454.5188 or email us using the form below.