Kyoto Suspender Brief

  • $104.00

The most special garment of the Kyoto Collection. Innovative with double function. On the one hand it is a garter belt with which you can hold your stockings, and on the other, it has the seal of BRACLI: strips of pearls that stimulates the pleasure zones of the woman.

Kyoto Collection 京都コレクション: Inspired by the historical capital of Japan. Garter belt made of Leavers lace, elastic tulle and velvet. I It fits the silhouette of each woman, thanks to the gold regulator located at the rear.

Colors: Black
Materials: Pearls Of Manacor, 85% Polyamide 15% Spandex

Garter BriefSizes: Small Size (0-4 US)
Medium Size (4-8 US)
Large Size (8-12 US)
Plus Size (12-16)