Laya Spot

  • $49.99

With an ergonomic design that’s made it a bestseller year after year, LAYASPOT fits perfectly between your legs (or anywhere else that curves) for fun that’s intuitive and varied. Prefer a grinding motion to a focused sensation against your clit? Press the LAYASPOT down and go to town. Giving a BJ? Run the LAYASPOT along the base of the shaft or rest it under the balls for an extra something. Want to wake up your partner’s body and get them ready for an extraordinary encounter? Run the LAYASPOT along their curves.

With eight speeds, three pulsing patterns, and a choice of colors that lets you customize this vibe to your personality, LAYASPOT makes a great first toy, bedside favorite, or gift for a deserving partner or BFF.
  • Battery 2 AAA Batteries, Not Included
  • Depth 1.25
  • Height 4.125
  • Weight 3oz
  • Width 1.62
  • Materials:Elastomed

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