Pulse Personal Lubricant Warming Dispenser

  • $249.00

Imagine warm lube everytime you need some. Pulse makes the bedroom a luxury spa. Everything you need to restore warmth, comfort, and ease: a Pulse warming dispenser, plus water-based and silicone-based lubricants.

Pulse delivers luxuriously warm lubricant via safe, inductive heating technology that soothes and eases discomfort.

Pulse lubricant is delivered from the sealed pod directly to your hand. Lubricant never touches any part of the Pulse warming dispenser, nor collects unwanted bacteria, for a clean dispensing experience.

You’ll get precisely-measured servings of lubricant every single time.

Pulse is small enough to easily tuck away in a nightstand drawer.
Pulse and Pulse Pods are travel-friendly.

Money Back Guarantee | 2-Year Warranty | Discreet Shipping

  • Pulse Warming Dispenser (Approx. 4" H x 3" W x 6.5" L)
  • 2 Aloe-ahh silicone-based personal lubricant (6.7ml each)
  • 2 H2Oh! water-based personal lubricant (6.7ml each)
  • 6' Power cord

**Order here and receive an extra six-pack of luricant pods absolutely free.

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