Sex & Mischief Adjustable Handcuffs by Sportsheets

  • $15.00

One pair of soft, sturdy cuffs. Easy on/off closures connect with a 2 foot nylon strap.

Sportsheets= Fun, friendly, easy to try fantasy items.


Sex & Mischief has a storyline for each product. Play along?

The story goes:

Ordinarily the cuffs were strapped tight around her wrists and wrapped around her back. I enjoyed this because I imagined it made her gorgeous body an open playground for my desires. Tonight was a different story. The cuffs were firmly in place to remind her of the role she was playing, but this time the connecting fabric was looser than usual. “This time,” I playfully growled, “ you’re going to need both hands.” She wasn’t sure what I meant exactly, but her smile informed me she was more than willing to comply.