Sex & Mischief Wrist/Ankle Restraints by Sportsheets

  • $24.00

Sportsheets knows how to keep the play in s&m. Four soft, sturdy cuffs with easy on/off closures. Attached by nylon straps to a 1.5" o-ring.


Out of My Dreams and Into My Car.

There I was, bound like a wild animal in the back of my own SUV, wrists and ankles securely strapped per my girlfriend’s request. To be honest I was resistant to this idea at first, but the playful glint in her eyes made it increasingly obvious how turned on she was getting from the thought of having me at her mercy. Truth be told, she would work herself up into such a frenzy just trying to talk me into wearing the restraints that I finally started fantasizing about it too. Naked and tied in the back of my own vehicle, she took the wheel and we drove off into the night. To say we were both surprised at the flashing red and blue lights behind us would be a gross understatement.

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