Sir Richards Condoms 3 Pak

  • $6.00

Not sure? Try'll want more.

Classic Ribbed, Pleasure Dots, Ultra Thin or...Like to mix things up in bed? Sir Richard's Collection Pack will help you do just that. Maybe Monday calls for Classic Ribbed, Ultra Thin on Thursday, and then break out the Pleasure Dots for the weekend. Or be a rock star and try them all out in one day! If you are craving a little variety or struggle with life's big decisions, Sir Richard's Collection Pack is for you. Now close your eyes, reach in, and pick your pleasure.

Each Sir Richard condom has succeeded in numerous tests to ensure your pleasure, and each one is electronically tested for safety and reliability as approved by the FDA. In addition, for every condom purchased by discerning people like yourself, we will donate a condom to someone in need. 

+ Made from 100% natural latex 
+ Premium lubricant for optimal gliding  
+ Free of glycerin, spermicide and parabens 
+ Free of dairy product casein, making the condoms AVA certified vegan friendly

+ Minimal latex odor   


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