Vaginal Egg

Vaginal Egg

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Let's go ladies. Work those kegels. 1 and 2 and...


Master the erotic art of "Pompoir" or "Playing the Flute". It's all about doing Kegel Exercises! Originally touted to older women as a remedy for incontinence, Kegels were soon recommended to pregnant women as a way to regain vaginal muscle tone after childbirth. It wasn't long before women began to perform Kegels for sensual reasons: the same muscle that controls your bladder and internal genitals also affects your pleasure centers.

Use the Egg to develop and maintain strong, vital PC Muscles, which are paramount to a healthy pelvic floor. By increasing the strength of the Pubococcygeus (PC) Muscles you will be more in tune with your orgasmic capacity, develop stronger orgasms, increase your flow of sexual hormones, heighten the responsiveness of your G-Spot and be able to pleasure your partner through your muscle movement alone (Pompoir). This creates a new octave of sexual ecstasy with sensations that are as deliciously pleasurable to him as well as for you!

Your Goddess Vaginal Strengthening Egg is made from smooth alabaster, "the Queen of Stones". It comes in a beautful brocade pouch with an instruction booklet. Please read the instructions thoroughly

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